Domain & Web Hosting


Domain & Web Hosting

Everything begins with the perfect web domain A custom domain name is necessary to help your customers find you, and for credibility online. As an accredited domain provider, Domain.com allows you to choose from all the major top-level web domains.

Webronix offers Domain and web hosting. where one can find a variety of options to choose from. Our service is dedicated to proffering reasonable web hosting with dependable servers and enough assets. Whether you want to be shared or virtual web space; we are a dependable web hosting company to go with.

We offer web hosting services in Delhi, India which gives you faster access, bigger bandwidth, more web space and great security Web hosting is essential for all sites since this is the thing that makes sites accessible and lives over the web. There are various types of web servers appropriate for different sorts of websites such as eCommerce, business websites, and other ones too.


At WebRonix, All Your Hosting Needs Are Taken Care Of In The Best Manner We Offer:

Full FTP access, Complete customer support, Monthly backup for data, Unlimited number of email addresses, Shared IP, Support for front page extension, Protection from viruses and spam, Access to control panel, and most preferred version of Windows.



Who is looking for Linux reseller hosting? We have a highly cooperative support team that assists you with any problems that you may face with the hosting that you choose to buy from our range of Linux reseller hosting plans in Delhi. When you choose to open an account with us, we make it active within a couple of hours. Our packages include:-, Round clock FTP access, SSI, Web statistics, SSL Secure Server, Pre modules support, Absolute access to CGI- BIN, Free support for e-mail and other technical aspects, SMTP and POP3 enabled mail accounts.



Webronix brings forth an exclusive range of services that offer web solutions to all our clients. With our strong hold over the various aspects of Windows reseller hosting, we are also able to provide all the necessary support to you as and when you require it. It is a complete solution for all kinds of businesses to get the right hosting for their websites along with the following advantages: Servers that are compatible with PHP 4/5 support, SQL database, The desired MSSQL database, CGI- BIN support, Unlimited email accounts, Plesk control panel, Plesk application script installer if required and asked for, Pocket-friendly prices.



There are many companies who are not satisfied with the limited configuration that is available on regular web hosting services in Delhi. Webronix brings VPS SERVERS to all companies. In addition to that, we allow you to supplement the server with secondary storage if so desired by you.



We provide dedicated enterprise server solutions to companies on a small as well as those operating on a large scale. This allows our clients the complete freedom to get the servers customized and configured in any way they deem fit. Our dedicated servers allow you maximum independence as well as the sole authority to hand over the controls and keys only to your trusted people so that you can also be sure of added security for your software and data.


Domain Name Registration

We are a Domain Registration Company in Delhi NCR and India.

Linux Hosting

There are various types of web hosting services in Delhi that are offered by several companies and one of them is on the Linux operating system. We make it possible for you to avail the best Linux hosting in Delhi so that your website can be built and used with maximum ease.

Linux hosting is known for its security features and better speed when compared with other forms of hosting. Our team of developers brings to you the most suitable Linux hosting as per the requirement of your company and the nature of your business.

Webronix Allows You: Full access to FTP, Unlimited distribution list, Sharing of Ip, Support for front page extension, 24×7 customer support, Full access to the control panel, Unlimited forwarding of e-mail, Protection from spam and virus.

Windows Hosting

The Windows hosting provided by Webronix allows the users to enjoy their website like never before. Our technical expertise further helps you to keep your site updated with the latest trends so that even the users can be comfortable while accessing your site.